Can you cook in a jetboil MiniMo?

The Jetboil MiniMo is an excellent combined system for cooking, complete with pot and lid. It’s lightweight but could be lighter, easy to carry and cooks a liter of liquid or food at a time.

Can you use Jetboil to cook food?

With the Jetboil Flash you can do a ton of different, incredibly delicious and lightning fast make-ahead boil-in-a-bag meals, like: Lemon Spinach Chicken and Rice, or Spicy Veggie Fusilli, or Tangerine Beef and Brocolli, or almost anything you can think of that you can put in a bag.

Can the jetboil MiniMo simmer?

While the MiniMo will never simmer as well as the gourmet machines that are small canister stoves, it does better than most integrated canister stoves, making it a bit more versatile than other integrated canister models.

Can you use Jetboil as a stove?

Safely use your cookware on a stove with the Jetboil Pot Support. The support attaches to most Jetboil burners to accommodate Jetboil’s skillet, 1.5L FluxRing cooking pot, or a variety of traditional pots and pans.

Color Silver
Compatible With SUMO, Flash, MicroMo, MiniMo, Zip, Luna
UPC 0858941006410

Can you cook soup in Jetboil?

Grab you a Jetboil Flash and cook up some Jet Soup and Dumplings!

Which Jetboil can simmer?

Jetboil Minimo and Flash are both great stoves but with different design intentions. The most important thing to know when comparing these two stoves is that Flash is designed for boiling water only (you CAN’T simmer with it), whereas Minimo is designed for cooking AND boiling water.

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Can you make coffee in a Jetboil?

If you’ve got a pot and a fire, you can make a solid cup of camping coffee. If you’re working with a Jetboil stove like the Zip Cooking System, you have have your water boiled in less than two minutes, toss your grounds in, and get coffee pretty quickly.

What size canister fits inside jetboil MiniMo?

Put a standard 8-ounce fuel canister in the pot with the burner and you can’t secure the lid. A 4-ounce canister nests inside with the burner when placed sideways, but the MiniMo’s pot lid still doesn’t lock tight. Once you’ve carried the MiniMo to your backcountry campsite, you’ll find several convenience features.

Is a Jetboil worth it?

BOTTOM LINE. The Jetboil Flash isn’t the smallest or lightest cooking system on the market, but its convenience and ridiculously fast boiling speed more than makes up for those downsides. The Flash is offered at a fair price and is a great value since it will last for a very long time, being so sturdy and well-made.

Can you cook chili in a Jetboil?

While Jetboil does make stoves that you can simmer with (see below), you can still cook some basic meals with a Jetboil Flash or a Jetboil Zip using the methods we describe below.
Can You Cook Food in a Jetboil?

Make / Model Jetboil MicroMo
Fuel Type Canister Gas
Volume (L) 0.8
Igniter Yes
Regulator Yes

Can you cook on a Jetboil Zip?

The Jetboil Zip Stove is a complete cooking and stove system that includes everything you need to make coffee or rehydrate freeze-dried meals on backpacking and camping trips.

How do you make Jetboil oatmeal?


  1. At home, in a Stasher bag, combine oats, trail mix, cinnamon, and brown sugar.
  2. On the trail, bring 1 cup of water to a boil and add the pre-packed ingredients.
  3. Boil for approximately 5 to 10 minutes, or until desired thickness is achieved.
  4. Serve immediately.

How do you clean a burnt Jetboil?

Your best bet is to boil a 75/25 solution of water and white vinegar in your vessel for a few minutes. Use a non-metallic scrub pad to work off any residue. A paste of baking soda and water works well, too. It’s best not to put it in the dishwasher, as the FluxRing could get damaged.

How do you cook instant rice while backpacking?

Once you have dehydrated instant rice, you’ll need to know how to re-hydrate it in the field. Basically, all you have to do is either cook it in water on the stove for a couple of minutes or pour boiled water and rice into a mug at a 1:1 ratio and let it sit for 15 minutes. Voila!

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What comes with the Jetboil Flash?

Includes fuel canister stabilizer; bottom cup doubles as a measuring cup and a bowl; easy to pack and carry at only 13.1 ounces.

What is the difference between jetboil zip and flash?

The Jetboil Flash is capable of carrying 0.2 more liters than the Zip but weighs 3.5 ounces more. This extra fill capacity makes the Flash a better choice for larger camping parties (3+).

How many boils from Jetboil?

The Jetboil Stash can boil almost twice as much water or around twenty seven 2-cup boils using a 100-gram fuel canister.

What is cowboy coffee?

Cowboy coffee is essentially French press coffee without a filter. Typically, this drink is made over an open flame, out on the trail, or at a campsite, where a coffee maker (or electricity for that matter) isn’t readily available.

Can you cook soup in Jetboil Flash?

But where the Jetboil Flash really excels is solo cooking on lightweight adventures. The sort of adventures where as soon as you stop moving you want (and need) to be eating! Within minutes (100 seconds to be precise!) you can have a hot soup inside you.

Can you use any fuel with Jetboil?

Any fuel canister with an “EN417” nozzle will work with JetBoil stoves. This is a common standard that includes isobutane/propane fuel canisters from MSR, Primus, GasOne, and Snowpeak. You can also use butane/propane mixtures, such as Coleman. Basically, as long as the canister fits, it will work.

How long does it take to boil water in a Jetboil?

This Product

This Product Jetboil Flash BRS-3000T
Boil Time (1 liter) 4:10 min:sec 5:13 min:sec
Packed Weight (stove + all accessories) 15.7 oz 1 oz
Dimensions 4.1″ x 7.1 “ 2″ x 1.2″ x 1.3″
Fuel Type Isobutane Isobutane

Do JetBoil canisters expire?

Jetboil fuel won’t expire, but the canister itself can deteriorate if left for a long time. The fuel inside camping stove canisters won’t expire, as the canisters are airtight. However, the canisters are made of metal, meaning they can rust.

Are JetBoil fuel canisters refillable?

Refilling the canisters saves money, and who doesn’t like that? For example, propane 16 oz canisters cost $3.68 ($3.47 + 6% tax) but can be refilled for only 72 cents; JetBoil isobutane 100 canisters cost $5.83 ($5.50 + 6% tax) but can be refilled for $2.35. It requires less canisters and less storage space.

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Is instant rice good for backpacking?

The best backpacking rice costs and weighs almost nothing, cooks fast, and fills your belly, right? That makes instant white rice the winner in most backpacking menus. But wait just a minute.

Is Spam good for backpacking?

Their showstopping products are great for backpackers & family campers alike. For many experienced campers, Spam recipes have been a staple in their outdoor cooking for years.

What is Jetboil good for?

The Jetboil Flash is an excellent pot for preparing a cup of coffee on the go or boiling water for simple meals. It comes with push-button ignition, so it’s quick and simple to use, and it’s easy to pack and carry as a backpacking stove. The ignition area is protected from wind, and the pot is optimized for the stove.

What is the lightest backpacking stove?

MSR WhisperLite

WEIGHT: 11.5 oz. BOTTOM LINE: The MSR WhisperLite is one of the most popular liquid fuel stoves because it’s among the lightest, smallest, and least expensive on the market. It’s also much quieter than many other roaring liquid fuel stoves.

Are Jetboil pots interchangeable?

All the pots and burners are designed to be interchangeable amongst the different models and most of the accessories can be used with all of the models as well. Jetboil also offers a wide range of accessories such as a hanging kit, coffee press, utensil kit, pot support, and a frying pan with flux ring technology.

Are Jetboil burners interchangeable?

Yes, most of our burners are interchangeable and the Zip burner will work nicely with your Flash.

What is the biggest Jetboil?

The SUMO packs the same regulator control as other Jetboil-regulated cooking systems, but with a higher-capacity cup-to-fuel cooking ratio for you and your friends. Jetboil’s large 1.8-liter FluxRing cooking cup with insulating cozy is the ideal cooking vessel for groups.

Can you use a pan on a JetBoil stash?

Arguably the most significant competition to the STASH is the currently most popular backpacking stove, the JetBoil Flash. STASH is 40% lighter, more compact and 20% more fuel efficient than the Flash. Its wider pot is easier to cook in & clean and the new burner is compatible with most pots and pans.

How long does 450g of isobutane last?

This means that a basic 220g aerosol gas canister should last approximately two hours in ideal conditions, whereas a conventional 450g aerosol gas cartridge should last approximately 3.5 hours.